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Wings of Fame (

HD - 7.0

Wings of Fame (1990)


Wings of Fame (1990) A famous movie actor (Peter O'Toole) claims that he has written a book. As result, a real author, not a very well known writer, vengenfully kills him but then dies as a result of an accident. Next, they both find themselves in after-life, where souls of all famous people are gat

Série noire (1

HD - 7.6

Série noire (1979)


Série noire (1979) Franck Poupart is a slightly neurotic door-to-door salesman in a sinister part of Paris' suburbs. He meets Mona, a teenager, who's been made a prostitute by her own aunt. Franck would like to change his life and also save Mona from her aunt. Murder is the only solution he finds t

Story of Women

HD - 7.5

Story of Women (1988)


Story of Women (1988) Marie Latour, a woman of limited schooling, raises two children in a ratty flat during World War II in occupied France. In 1941, her husband Paul returns from German captivity, too weak to hold a job. Marie discovers she can make money performing abortions, using a soapy water