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Battlefield Her

SD - 5.4

Battlefield Heroes (2011)


Battlefield Heroes (2011) This story unfolds 8 years after 'Battle of Hwangsanbeol', which destroyed Baekjae, when Silla-Tang Dynasty union attacks Goguryeo.

Wish (2013)

HD - 8.3

Wish (2013)


Wish (2013) Tragedy of a 8 year old girl coping with a gruesome rape damaging her internally and affecting emotionally tries to overcome all obstacles that are about to happen in her life aftermath of the incident with a good support from her family and those around her.

Blades of Blood

HD - 6.0

Blades of Blood (2010)


Blades of Blood (2010) During a turbulent time when political upheaval, rebellion, and invasion are coming to a head two swordsmen are caught up in a violent and bloody struggle to seize control of the country they love. With their army of alliance standing behind them they will meet for the most im

Anarchist from

HDrip - 5.9

Anarchist from Colony (2017)


Anarchist from Colony (2017) N/A