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Sunshine Follow

HD - 6.6

Sunshine Follows Rain (1946)


Sunshine Follows Rain (1946) 19th century in the north of Sweden. A story of forbidden love between farmer's daughter Marit and Jon, the scorned result of an extramarital affair between a girl Marit's father Germund once loved and a gypsy fiddle player. Germund warns his daughter not to have any con

Walpurgis Night

SD - 6.1

Walpurgis Night (1935)


Walpurgis Night (1935) Lena Bergström works in an office and is unhappily in love with her boss, Johan Borg. She decides to quit. Borg's wife won't have any children, and when she becomes pregnant she has an illegal abortion. For some reason, Lena's father believes that it is Lena who has had an ab