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Vote: 5.5

Quality: SD

Director: Stewart Halpern Fingerhut Lenid Rolov

Genre: Documentary


Runtime: 60 min

Released: 02 Dec 2003

Starring: Jeff Anderson Bryan Jason Cavallo
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Storyline:  When Boys Fly (2002) Palm Springs' White Party is the backdrop for this documentary on the fast-paced world of gay circuit parties. Halpern and Rolov follow four young men: 23-year old straight-laced circuit virgin, Brandon; 21-year old party boy with a drug problem, Tone; and sensitive but strong-willed 19-year old, Jon. Accompanying them is Jon's "soulmate," Todd, a 35-year old businessman recklessly reliving his adolescence, plus other "circuit friends" the boys make along the way. When Boys Fly pulls no punches in exposing this world - men are shown overdosing and engaging in risky behavior - but at the same time, it also shows the sense of community and vitality the parties bring to the men who attend.

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