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Vote: 5.9

Quality: SD

Director: Yasuo Furuhata

Genre: Crime

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Storyline:  Shin Abashiri Bangaichi: Runinmasaki no ketto (1969) After causing problems, Ken Takahara is transferred from Abashiri to the honor factory at Tanigawa Prison. Created by company president Takashi Shimura, this prison has no walls or cells. Shimura feels he can rehabilitate the prisoners with respect and hard work. Initially hostile, the prisoners begin to respond positively. When a noodle shop catches fire, the prisoners help fight the blaze. Group leader Takahara saves a child trapped in the building. In response, the local residents support the new prison concept. The local yakuza gang is hired by a rival company to destroy the new prison and the factory dock. After a series of incidents, one of the prisoners' leaders who is associated with the gang confronts them. He is seriously wounded, as is the President. As the yakuza prepare to dynamite the prison dock, Takahara takes action to end their threat. As a result, he is returned to Abashiri Prison.

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