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Vote: 6.2

Quality: HD

Director: Stephen Shin

Genre: Comedy Romance


Runtime: N/A

Released: 25 Aug 1988

Starring: George Lam Carol Do Do Cheng Rosamund Kwan
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Storyline:  This is a romantic comedy from Hong Kong, starring George Lam as Alex whose live in girlfriend Peggy Rosamund Kwan decides she wants to live by herself So, to occupy his time, he starts teaching a high school music class, where trouble maker student Mo Wai man Vivian Chow gives him a hard time As a result, he crosses path with her overprotective mom Ju Lai ngor Carol Do Do Cheng So, just as he starts to fall for her, Peggy decides she wants Alex back Its a typical romantic comedy, but its mixed in with some light hearted comedy, not too sappy drama and a rather interesting plot Theres a lot of focus on happiness and wants and love Good acting by the cast of characters and the script is well written Grade B

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