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Vote: 4.7

Quality: SD

Director: Josh Apter Peter Olsen

Genre: Thriller

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Storyline:  This flick is about a man and a woman who pick up a hitchhiker on their way to a cabin in the boonies for some RampR What ensues is a whole lot of trivial conversation about linguini, fire building, cell phones, and blaa, blaa, blaa with the same three faces of which you will tire In addition to the boooooring first hour or so, some of the time the camera shows the woman talking without moving her lips ventriloquist or cinematic brain fart Kaaterskill Falls smells like a no budget first outing indie the kind of film where the purpose is not to entertain the masses but to show certain cinematic skills for academics, industry insiders, film pedants, etc Pass on this dull flick which doesnt even begin to get interesting for an hour The silly ending isnt worth the wait D

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