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Vote: 7.7

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Director: Kent Martin

Genre: Documentary


Runtime: 60 min

Released: N/A

Starring: James Laxer
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Storyline:  The film In Bed with an Elephant was a documentary film that was written by Canadians It showed the reflection the U S President and Canadian Prim Minsters relationships over the past hundred years Saying that, I like history films very much so I think the film In Bed with an Elephant deserves a 8 7 out of 10 Since, this movie was made for Canadians there was a slight anti American feel throughout the movie, but I quickly got past that Reason for that was because it used a lot of original old clips Now lets dig into some of the detailsSome of the things that greatly interested me in the film was how Article IX section of the U S Constitution was formed for This section of the U S Constitution was made to allow Canada to Join the United States at any time This seems to me that the United States are trying to be a good friend and lend a helping hand out whenever possible, but the Canadians did not view it that way Their view on this situations was that someday Canada will be the part of the United States Another good point to bring up was that Trading agreements between the United States and Canada played a huge role with the relationship between U S presidents and Canadian Prime Ministers over the years An example would be when President Richard Nixon imposed a 10 tax on all imports Trudeau of course was not very happy about this idea, so both leaders met together to work out an agreement This agreement made is now the North America Free Trade Agreement NAFTA It was enforced to strengthen neighboring countries economies which would result in a better relationship between the countries Like most Canadian documentary of history, I would recommend every American to watch One being there history usually has a lot to do with our history, and shows some things that most Americans were not taught about For two, it creates a slight eye opener for how our neighbor country thinks of the Americans, we are not the same apparently 

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