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Director: Mike Flanagan

Genre: Drama Fantasy Horror

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Storyline:  Dan Torrance, still traumatized from his family's 1980 ordeal at the Overlook hotel, is guided by the ghost of Dick Hallorann to capture the ghosts of the Overlook in lockboxes. In 2011, he becomes an alcoholic to suppress his shining. After moving to a New Hampshire town, he recovers through Alcoholics Anonymous set up by his new friend Billy Freeman and becomes a hospice orderly, where he uses his shining to comfort dying patients, who nickname him "Doctor Sleep." Meanwhile, the True Knot, a cult of psychics led by Rose the Hat, extend their lifespans by consuming "steam", a psychic essence released by torturing and killing those who have the shining.  In 2019, the True Knots are starving as steam has become increasingly rare. They torture a boy to death for steam; a young girl named Abra Stone, whose shining is even greater than Dan's, senses this. She telepathically alerts Dan about the murder, but Rose senses Abra in the process. Rose projects her consciousness across the country and infiltrates Abra's mind, but is physically injured by a psychic trap set by Abra. Rose sends the remaining members after her for steam.  Abra informs Dan about the True Knot. Although he is initially skeptical about stopping them, he changes his mind and recruits Billy and Abra's father, Dave, to help. They successfully kill most of the group except Rose, but Billy and Dave are killed and Abra is captured by Rose's partner, Crow Daddy. Dan shines into Abra and saves her from Crow Daddy, killing him in the process. Dan brings Abra to the Overlook as a last resort, believing it will be equally dangerous for Rose. He starts the hotel's boiler and explores the dormant building, "awakening" it with his shining. At the same time, he has visions of his time at the hotel.  Rose arrives at the Overlook and overpowers Dan in a fight, but he saves himself by opening lockboxes in his mind and releasing the Overlook's ghosts. Drawn by Rose's power, the ghosts overwhelm and devour her, before turning on Danny and possessing him in a bid to try and make him kill Abra. After a brief moment where she cuts through his possessed mind, he tells her to save herself before the hotel overcomes him again. He goes to the boiler room but regains control before the hotel can make him deactivate it. Before he perishes, Dan sees a vision of himself as a child being comforted by his mother Wendy. Abra escapes as the Overlook burns down and the authorities arrive.  Sometime later, Abra speaks to Dan's ghost. Dan comforts Abra, telling her to "shine on" and not to hide her gifts from the world. She shares to her mother that she has been conversing with Dan and her deceased father and that they are okay. Abra later encounters the ghost of the Overlook's Room 237 in her bathtub; she confronts it and closes the door behind her.

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