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Vote: 7.3

Quality: HD

Director: Filip Zaruba

Genre: Documentary


Runtime: 78 min

Released: 11 Jan 2018

Starring: Stanislav Grof
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Storyline:  Bufo Alvarius  The Underground Secret (2018) A radical testimony of the strongest known natural psychedelic, tryptamine 5-MeO-DMT produced by Bufo Alvarius, a toad of the Sonoran desert. The breathtaking audio-visual adventure is enhanced by immersive animations inspired by the psychoactive effects of this extraordinary substance. Fascinating stories of a group of Czech psychonauts are combined with personal insights of Stanislav Grof, a nestor of transpersonal psychology, and Octavio Rettig, a modern shaman who has facilitated ceremonial contact with Bufo Alvarius for thousands of volunteers from around the world. For many, the experience has been life-changing. Originally intended to simply document these experiences, the film evolved into an intense meditation on the nature of consciousness and being.

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